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FEB 24th 2020

Gary Axon

Axon's Automotive Anorak: Blind Alley Engineering

Recently on the mean streets of Paris I saw a sad, but somewhat inevitable, sight. A new-ish Series 2 Citroen C4 Cactus had been gently side-swiped by another vehicle, the C4’s doors partially caved in.

Had this Cactus been an original pre-2018 facelift first series model, there’s a good chance that the doors’ metalwork would have remained unscathed as that model’s overly-promoted but innovative ‘Airbump’ flexible side protection plasticised panels might have simply brushed off the blows of the rogue vehicle attack.

This being the revised Cactus Series 2, however, the pioneering but controversial (well, it is a Citroen after all!) Airbump door protectors were replaced with a much reduced and less protective version, just running along the base of the doors, in-line with Citroen’s current C3 and Berlingo models.


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