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JUN 14th 2019

Gary Axon

Axon’s Automotive Anorak: MG – Mostly Global

Ordinarily at this time of year MG enthusiasts nationwide would be busily fettling and polishing their Abingdon and Longbridge-built sporting pride and joys in readiness for the large annual MG Live event that traditionally takes pIace at the Silverstone motor circuit around June or July.

This year, however, the popular MG Live show at Silverstone had seen been cancelled due to the Northamptonshire-based circuit having to re-Tarmac its track ahead of July’s British Grand Prix. This is due to a disastrous resurfacing exercise last year that caused the asphalt to be too rough and uneven, resulting in the 2018 British Moto GP being postponed at the last moment due to rain, for example, as the surface became to slippery and dangerous.


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