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MAR 17th 2023
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

Charming a State Trooper with an Audi R8 | Thank Frankel it's Friday

Take it from me, when a Nevada state trooper approaches the car you have just been driving at a substantially illegal speed across his wilderness, it is time be scared. And when the sun glances off his mirror shades and dazzlingly white teeth as his hand reaches into his holster, you’ll start scanning the horizon for itinerant underwear vendors earning a living in the Mojave Desert. I have a colleague who was recently handcuffed to a prison wall in the Land of the Free for a speeding offence which, compared to what I was guilty of, was about as serious as walking on the cracks in the pavement.


Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel has been racing cars for over 20 years and testing them for nearer to 30. He is senior contributing writer to both Autocar and MotorSport magazines, sits on the Car of the Year jury and was chief car tester for the Sunday Times for 15 years. He cites driving and writing as the only disciplines for which he has any talent and therefore considers himself vocationally employed. When he is not working he lives quietly in the Wye Valley with his family, a small and unimportant accumulation of cheap old cars and some sheep.

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