GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – burned

15th August 2018
Ben Miles

It had to happen at some point didn’t it? Something had to be not quite perfect about spending your life with a Caterham. It also had to be just as the weather breaks that I report this to you.

Last week I (quite literally) burned myself on our Caterham 310 S.


It’s entirely my fault I would like to point out, but perhaps this can act as a public service announcement to anyone who is thinking of driving a Caterham – be careful if you’re wearing shorts.

As I jumped back in the car after picking up a bottle of water at the height of the most recent leg of the UK’s hyper-summer 2k18 I neglected to remember that the exhaust – situated right by the driver’s door – was hot… and that I was wearing shorts.

Queue a quick yelp of exasperation and a minute or two rubbing my now afflicted shin and cursing myself for being so silly. Honestly, you would think after several months with it I would have remembered where the hot bits are by now?


As if to counterpoint the piece I've just written today, it began to rain hard again this morning, allowing me to experience one of the Caterham’s long list of small joys when arriving at the work – the little fizz you get when raindrops land on the hot outlet and instantly evaporate. It’s a quite frankly wonderful noise.

Of course the moral here is that I should have paid more attention. That side exhaust is one of the great pleasures of the 310 S, both aesthetically and aurally, and it’s not jumped recently to move into my way. So I had better admit right here that I’m a clot and we can all move on.

Still want to spend all my time driving it by the way.

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MPG this week: 31.4.

Photography by Tom Shaxson.

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    GRRC Garage: Caterham 310 S – autumn

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    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – extra-sensory

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    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – small