GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – extra-sensory

16th November 2018
Ben Miles

Do Caterham owners have some kind of sixth sense? It’s an odd question to ask, but one that has been in my mind for some time now, as we wind our time down with a long-term Caterham 310 S.


Why would I be thinking such a thing? Well the facts are as clear as they can be. Whenever you pass a Caterham, while driving a Caterham, the passing driver seems able to start waving before you’ve even noticed they’re there.

They must be the friendliest set of car owners I’ve ever come across, or at least the happiest with each other. Maybe it’s the smug knowledge that between them they’ve all discovered the key to pure, content motoring and only a real member of the Caterham owners club can share the experience.


After nearly six months in a Caterham I have still not quite developed this knack of knowing what is coming round the corner before it arrives. So I regularly find myself throwing a half-hearted hand into the air about a quarter of a second after a fellow Caterham commuter has flown past.

Give us another few months with the car and I might have earned my stripes as a true Caterham owner and therefore developed that extra-sensory capability, but I’m afraid to report that it’s not going to happen. We’re just a couple of reports away from our orange girl’s return to her real home. And boy are we going to find parting hard.

MPG this week: 31.4.

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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