GRR Garage: Nissan X-Trail – the looks came with age

25th April 2018
Ethan Jupp

The X-Trail is not long for our custody and truth be told, we’ve said most of what can be said about it. That, er, said, I’d like to talk about the X-Trail as a dynasty and what the youth would call its “glow up”. 


One of the more profound memories I have of my time with it was parking next to a first-generation car at the supermarket. This awkward little frumpy-looking soft-roader from across the Pacific, when sat next to our modern counterpart, could not have looked goofier and more, well, Japanese.

Now as a car the X-Trail is as always was – a capable, easy little truck that combines decent utilitarianism with few of the traditional drawbacks. As a thing to look at, though, the new one is absolutely light years ahead of its XTrail forebear (yes, it had to grow the hyphen) and indeed the generation that followed it. All but the 2014-onwards cars are faintly embarrassing to be seen in. Our car (especially as it’s a facelift) looks sharp yet broad – no apologies need be made.

The X-Trail’s transition into adulthood has been kind and as well it should. It’s not easy in this day and age selling ugly cars.

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    GRR Garage: Nissan X-Trail – battling the French blizards

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    GRR Garage: Nissan X-Trail – fresh eyes

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    GRRC Garage: Nissan X-Trail – so long