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Updated: OCT 31st 2023

Ethan Jupp

Honda S2000 vs. Toyota GR86 – back‑to‑basics manual sportscars are the best

In 2023, the affordable sportscar is an endangered species. Fancy something a bit more serious than an MX-5 but can’t stretch to a Cayman? Your only choice is the Toyota GR86. One has to look beyond current forecourts to find the car that used to fit that bill. We think that car is the Honda S2000. Bowing out just a few short years before the original GT86 arrived, the Honda S2000 is another all-time great affordable sportscar of the last two-and-a-bit decades. To find out exactly how it compares to a GR86 20 years its junior, we've driven both back-to-back in Scotland.


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