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AUG 07th 2020
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

How Bentley can beat the Phantom – Thank Frankel it's Friday

It is quite possible that Rolls-Royce has never had it so good. A couple of years back it would have been entirely understandable if the good folk of Goodwood had been a trifle twitchy about the future at least so far as its most luxurious model was concerned. Not only was there the traditional rivalry between its Phantom and Bentley’s Mulsanne, but it seemed the duopoly would shortly be disrupted by a brand new player with a nevertheless familiar name. But the Mulsanne is now dead, killed off by what would have been the prohibitive cost of entirely re-engineering its venerable pushrod V8 to meet the latest emission regs. And the other car – the Lagonda? Well that project has, at best, been kicked into the long grass.

Bentley Brooklands front left


Andrew Frankel

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