Kamm 912c is yet another Porsche restomod

07th September 2022
Ethan Jupp

A different flavour of Porsche restomod is coming our way today and by different flavour, we mean it’s one number up. This is the Kamm Manufaktur Porsche 912c, which is based on Porsche’s classic ‘60s entry-level sportscar. The platform represents the lightest, most basic starting point for a ‘reimagining’.


It’s a gentle reimagining mind, with Kamm claiming to ‘improve on perfection’ in its updates to the 912. Every donor car is restored to a pristine condition, before replacing the steel bodywork with carbon fibre. The chassis is reinforced in its restoration and lexan windows top off the body lightening. In total, a Kamm 912c weighs just 750kg.

The engine is the original air-cooled 2.0-litre flat four-cylinder but fettled by Swiss company JPS Aircooled. It’s got high compression, Webber 44 carburettors, upgraded ignition, and a rev limit of 7,200rpm, for around 170PS (125kW). The result is that the Kamm 912c sports an impressive 200+ PS per tonne power-to-weight ratio. There’s a five-speed transmission with a limited-slip diff and a racing clutch to get that power to the rear wheels.


Stopping the 912c are 964 front brakes with Brembo alloy rears, featuring vented discs and a hydraulic handbrake, while it’s suspending on custom Kamm coil-overs with adjustable dampers, swap bars and rear arms. On the inside carbon seats and trim maintains the lightweight ethos, while air con makes it a habitable car to drive in hotter climates.

Each build will be bespoke, with production beginning in 2023. Of course, as is the way with these restored and enhanced classic Porsches, pricing is an ‘if you have to ask’ affair.

“The Kamm 912c has been years in the making, and I am proud to share my vision of the perfect 912 to the world,” said Founder Miklos Kazmer. “Kamm is a proud son of Budapest car culture, striving to turn original classic cars into fast, reliable, and perfected versions of themselves, all whilst keeping the analogue driving experience intact.”

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