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Updated: JAN 26th 2023

Ethan Jupp

14 cars that stoked the horsepower race

We take power and speed for granted these days. Any supercar isn’t worth the lease you signed for it if it’s packing less than 600PS (441kW). Likewise, many vaguely performance-orientated family EVs can crack 62mph in less than four seconds, when once the three-second range was the preserve of the most exclusive bleeding-edge supercars. Progress is relentless and, truthfully, has been for some time, as was exemplified in what was colloquially referred to as the ‘horsepower wars’. This was a race between manufacturers year-on-year over the past 30 years especially, to outdo rival performance models in terms of power. The result is where we are today, in a world of 400PS (294kW) hot hatches, 600PS (441kW) super saloons and 800PS (588PS) supercars, but there were a few key watershed moments along the way. We thought we’d count them down, albeit with only a couple of real top-end exotics that stand out in terms of power.


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