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Updated: MAY 10th 2021

Ethan Jupp

The 12 cars with the most power per litre

Time once was that a discussion about what car produces the most power per litre was one of impressive naturally-aspirated motors leaping over 100PS (73kW) per litre. Honda’s S2000, Porsche’s 911 GT3, Ferrari’s 458 Speciale – monsters of per-litre output. Now though, in 2021, turbocharging rules the roost and 100PS per litre is paltry. So we’ll be counting down the cars with 200PS per litre or more. Don’t worry, much as the breed of excessively turbocharged hypercar has proliferated in recent years, we’ve only 12 entries and not all of them are boutique unobtainium. With that in mind, we begin with a Bugatti...


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