McLaren's spectacular 720S by numbers

08th March 2017
Bob Murray

The newly revealed McLaren 720S is arguably the hottest supercar on the planet right now. It certainly is for its creators, and there's a lot riding on what is McLaren's bread and butter  the Super Series line. Here are some big numbers behind the most important McLaren since the 12C... 


1,000,000,000: £££ in McLaren’s new model six-year investment pot that has made the new Super Series possible

208,000 - likely starting price in ££ (outgoing 650S coupe plus 5 per cent)

160,000 - rpm of the new ultra-low inertia turbochargers

8200 - rpm red line

7000 - total combined sales of first-gen Super Series

4500 - cars a year, McLaren Automotive total future production

2670 - mm, 720S wheelbase, the same as the 650S

1300 - new parts over 650S (91 per cent of car)

1283 - kg dry weight (10kg lighter than 650S)


720 - PS power, or 710bhp

678 - lb-ft (770Nm) of torque

561 – PS per tonne

360 - degrees, claimed visibility in “fighter jet-style” cockpit

249 - g/km C02 (down from 650S’s 275)

212 - mph top speed (341km/h)

155 - mm less space needed per side to fully open the doors

120 - mm, by which engine has been lowered in chassis

50 - per cent more downforce

41 - per cent new parts in revised M840T engine

21.4 - seconds for 0-186mph, 4 seconds quicker than 650S

20 - colours available (including orange) 


7.8 - seconds, 0-124mph

6.0 - per cent more mechanical grip

5 – years, McLaren model cycles from now on

4.6 - seconds, braking from 124mph to standstill (117m, or 10 London buses!)

4.0 - litres, new capacity of biturbo V8

3.0 - per cent lower centre of gravity than 650S

2.9 - seconds, 0-62mph (same as 675LT)

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  • mso_mclaren_720s_velocity_list_08032017_02.jpg


    The MSO McLaren 720S Velocity is utterly stunning

  • mclaren_720s_geneva_07032017_list_04.jpg


    Here is McLaren's 710bhp 650S replacement – the 720S

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    The Goodwood Test

    The Goodwood Test: McLaren 720S