Nissan is preparing an electric Skyline R32 GT-R prototype

28th March 2023
Ethan Jupp

Nissan has teased that it’s developing an all-electric recreation of its seminal Skyline R32 GT-R. A bold move, given it’s a car largely celebrated for its highly charismatic and potent twin-turbo straight-six engine.


If you can get past the powerplant curiosity, there is precedent for exploring electric power in the R32 specifically, given the opportunities for power and chassis management in EVs. Nissan reckons the new E-4orce EV all-wheel-drive system can deliver similar dynamics to the famed ATTESA ET-S system first seen in the GT-R.

The R32 EV project is the brainchild of one bright-eyed engineer, according to Nissan. The social post announcing the project reads (albeit in Japanese):

"This initiative began with the desire of an engineer who joined the company because he admired the GT-R, saying, ‘I want to build a more exciting car by adding the latest electrification technology that I am involved with to my favorite car’.” At least the one leading the charge is passionate about the car.

Of course the future of the GT-R badge is known to be moving in an electrified direction, with the R36 expected to at minimum feature prominent hybridity in its powertrain. Its gestation, as with the R35 and indeed as with many seminal Japanese sportscars, has been slow thus far. The R35 is set to endure for at least a couple of years yet. Still, this is the first sign of Nissan mixing the GT-R badge and electrification, albeit in an unconventional and brave way.

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