Video: Watch a Skyline GTR destroy the field at Bathurst

26th October 2022

If there was one race in history we at GRR wish we were able to see with our own eyes, it’d be early the ‘90s Bathurst 1000. Sure, we were treated to some great racing and chaotic paint swapping in the BTCC of that era, but looking back at videos of Australia’s action at the Mount Panorama Circuit, the best racing was in the southern hemisphere. Not only did it have some of Australia’s best cars, such as the Holden Commodore, they also had the iconic Ford Sierra which dominated the field in the video we have for you today.

Despite looking and sounding glorious, the Sierra isn’t the story of this one. This is all about a certain Japanese monster unleashing itself on the world. The Sierras are flooding the front few rows at the start of the 1990 Bathurst 1000, however, there is something lurking in the background. That’s right, it’s the Nissan Skyline GTR R32 absolutely flying past cars corner after corner and giving birth to the legend of Godzilla.

To really see why the R32 caused such a stir, head to 3:24 in the video and witness the raw power Godzilla really had. Dick Johnson could do nothing in the Sierra as the Skyline flies by.

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