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AUG 31st 2021

Ethan Jupp

The 11 most beautiful cars of all time

Beauty is a thorny subject in general, let alone when discussed in the context of cars. On the one hand, it’s almost entirely subjective. Taste is infinitely variable. On the other, as certain car designers have told us over the years, there’s a science to beauty and there are cars that garner an almost unanimous veneration. That being said, we’d like to add that true beauty requires a certain originality, a freshness. Some cars may be famous for their beauty but it may be what came before, that sowed the seeds, that deserves the credit. Commensurately, there’s beauty in tasteful evocation, in the reinterpretation of traditional style for a modern era. There’s beauty in function, too, we’d argue. There’s beauty in configuration, in architecture. Cars are a latticework of static and animated shapes, all mingling with each other. How they go about that can inform beauty, we reckon. Enough waffle, let’s get into it.


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