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AUG 10th 2020

Henry Biggs

The best 1980s hot hatches

Every decade has its defining car type. The 1960s was the muscle car era, the ‘70s saw the rise of the hatchback, the 1990s were for some reason awash with sporty coupes which gave way to the MPVs of the new Millennium. And since then, obviously the world has been clogged with SUVs.

The decade I missed from that list was of course defined by one of the most iconic product niches of all time. Nothing is more symbolic of the automotive landscape in the 1980s than a hot hatchback, usually with red seatbelts, blazing foglights and chirruping front tyres.

You can read the origins of the hot hatch in the first part of this series, the seven best 1970s hot hatchbacks here.


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