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AUG 23rd 2023

Russell Campbell

The 8 best art cars

Here at Goodwood Road & Racing, we're never happier than when pouring over the thoughtfully dabbed strokes of an early Monet, exploring Van Gouch's descent into psychosis through his art or examining Edvard Munch's The Frieze of… Okay, we're not convincing anyone. The fact is, cars are our art and if you can get art on cars – all the better. Neatly bringing us to today's topic, our favourite art cars, inspired by the latest from Bugatti, which has been drawn on in pencil. We've got something for everyone here, spanning the famous BMW Art Car collection through the Chiron, Ferrari, Porsche and, er, a Honda Civic, and a Volvo estate. Keep reading as we take a look at art cars in all shapes and sizes.


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