The Czinger 21C is 3D printed and has fighter-jet style in-line seating

12th February 2020
Dan Trent

Designed and built in California and ready to debut at Geneva, the Czinger 21C hopes huge hybrid power and distinctive, jet-fighter style in-line seating will be enough to set it apart from the hypercar establishment it will be revealed alongside.


Revealing the car for the first time at the Swiss show will put that chutzpah to the test, the Czinger 21C sharing floorspace with big hitters like Koenigsegg, Pagani, Pininfarina, Italdesign, Rimac and Gumpert, not to mention Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini and all the rest.

History is, of course, littered with promising hypercar start-ups arriving in Geneva full of bold promises, fancy tech and wild performance claims. Does Czinger have what it takes to truly disrupt the market and establish itself alongside these brands? Or will it arrive in a blaze of glory only to fade quickly into obscurity?


Information is scarce at the moment, though more is promised ahead of the Geneva unveiling. We do have pictures and film of the car – or something like it – being driven along iconic Californian roads to establish its identity as a car born and bred in Los Angeles. And there’s plenty of hyperbole about ‘revolutionary technology’, ‘dominating performance’ and a line about it being a ‘paradigm shift in the way performance vehicles are conceived’, without any clear explanation of what that means.


Going by the video and images released with this initial teaser we do know it will feature lots of fancy carbon fibre bits in its construction, tandem-style seating and a hybrid powertrain ‘fit for the 21st century’.

Given it’ll be shown alongside the most powerful, expensive and exclusive cars in the world we’ll work on the assumption the price will be into seven figures, while the power output will need to be suitably excessive and well into four digits to stand scrutiny. So far, so predictable in the world of pre-motor show hypercar hype. What Czinger has up its sleeve and whether it can be a credible contender at this level will remain to be seen.

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