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DEC 15th 2020

Henry Biggs

The eight best Pininfarina road cars

The era of the bespoke car, where the chassis and mechanicals would be bought from a manufacturer and then furnished with a body and interior by a separate firm of master craftspeople, is long gone. The ubiquity of monocoque construction put paid to that but from it, we gained some of the most famous names in car designs; the Italian carrozzeria (literally coachbuilder) such as Ghia, Bertone and Touring.

One name however has always stood above the rest for the elegance, forward-thinking and beauty of its designs: Pininfarina. The great house celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2020 so we thought we would take a look back of some of its greatest designs to grace our roads. You won’t find any Ferraris or concepts in this list though – we’ll be covering those separately.


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