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DEC 02nd 2020

Ethan Jupp

High‑speed testing the 1,900PS Pininfarina Battista

Storied a-name as it is, Automobili Pininfarina as a bonafide manufacturer is new to the game. The game of high performance EVs, is itself very new. How do you seamlessly meld such a recognisable and beloved name with the new and sometimes controversial (to enthusiasts) world of all-electric motoring? Happily, both are enticingly challenging for proven and in-demand talent. Paolo Dellachà is just such a talent, that first made a name for himself with the likes of Ferrari and Maserati

Paolo is Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Automobili Pininfarina. We caught up with him via Zoom – insert New Normal quip here – to reflect on the goals and challenges of the Battista project. This follows soon after the completion of its first high-speed and handling tests at the demanding Nardo Technical Centre in Italy, as development continues through the pandemic. Here are some things we’ve learned about the luxury EV hypercar that can out-accelerate an F1 car. 


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