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Updated: DEC 15th 2023

Ethan Jupp

The Porsche 911 Dakar is the greatest idea in motoring history | GRR Cars of the Year 2023

It's been an incredibly exciting year for the motoring industry. We here at GRR have driven so many brilliant cars over the past 12 months, and everything we’ve always loved is still right here, it’s just arguably better than it’s ever been. To evidence our point, we’ve pulled together nine cars that we consider to be among the very best of 2023, and we’re going to celebrate their brilliance right here at Goodwood.

The amount the motoring media bangs on and on and on about Porsche 911s, you could be forgiven for feeling entirely sick of them. But they just are fantastic in all the ways people say. What is not necessarily highlighted in the most basic possible terms, is just how versatile the thing is. Our selection of cars of the year features two 911s. One is a track-prepped downforce monster with a big wing. The other could shame most current large SUVs across a proper slippery field or over a rough trail. It is of course the 911 Dakar, a jacked-up, rubber-arched tank of a thing, harking back – as its name suggests – to the 911’s lesser-celebrated motorsport exploits over the decades off the beaten path.


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