Video: Roofless Dallara Stradale track monster spotted at Monza

17th April 2022
Ben Miles

There’s something about the Dallara Stradale that makes you think that it must have a V6. I don’t know what it is, but this kind of Italian, lightweight sportscar feels like it just should have one. But, it doesn’t. The Stradale is very firmly fitted with an inline-four engine.

And, now, there is a potential track-only version of the Stradale, currently called the EXP. And it’s been spotted testing at Monza (where else?), both with and without a roof.

The fact that it has a 2.3-litre Ford Ecoboost straight-four engine, not a screaming vee, does mean that it sounds… alright. It doesn’t sound bad, but there’s no wild ear-splitting noise coming out of this EXP. However, it does apparently have 500hp and looks like it’s a LOT of fun on track.

We’d definitely take the open-topped one, it just looks like more of an experience to be exposed to the elements like you’re in a mid-2000s LMP1 car, rather than cocooned under a small roof. Also, I’m over six foot tall, so I’m almost positive I’d never get in the other one.

What do you think of the Dallara EXP?

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Video: Roofless Dallara Stradale track monster spotted at Monza

17th April 2022



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