Video: This Twingo is the fastest slow car of the Nürburgring

20th January 2022
James King

Here’s a bit of car trivia you’ve never wanted to know. The Twingo, as in Renault Twingo, is a portmanteau of Twist, Swing and Tango. Make sure to keep that in your back pocket when you’re having a car knowledge battle. Never fails.

The reason why the majority of you won’t care about the above revelation is that in the UK we never had the pleasure of the original Renault Twingo on our roads. The only time we’d ever come across one of these cheerful little cars was on a family trip to France or Spain. You’d be minding your own business buying sunglasses for 500 pesetas and suddenly spot the unfamiliar face of the happiest car you’ll ever see. It would quickly dawn on you you’d have to wait until next year’s trip to Marbella before you got to see one again. 

Well to give your inner child that original jolt of happiness once more, here’s the Renault Twingo dubbed the fastest slow car of the Nürburgring.

A couple of rather brave thrill seekers have made this Twingo even happier than usual by taking on the Green Hell as if its life depended on it. Dicing between a Nissan 350Z, Alfa Romeo 4C and having a three-way battle with a Toyota Yaris and Starlet it’s fair to say they are utilizing the whole track.

There are brief occasions when the little Renault has to make way for a few German powerhouses, but for the most part, the Twingo is battling well above its weight overtaking a Focus RS and Hyundai i30N to name but a few. If there was ever proof that driver skill over driver bank account is more important, this is it.

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