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FEB 11th 2022

Gary Axon

Why I hate the Daewoo Nubira | Axon's Automotive Anorak

Waking up to glorious bright sunshine with the birds merrily chirping away, the day ahead was getting off to a very encouraging start, reinforced by a particularly amusing 1957 episode of Hancock’s Half Hour that I hadn’t heard for some years being broadcast on Radio 4 Extra during my coffee and croissant. Contently heading off northbound in the car for a late-morning meeting in Hertfordshire, my good mood continued as not only had I managed to just miss the worst of the morning rush hour traffic.

Making unexpectedly smooth headway ahead of schedule around the M25, my chipper mood was suddenly shattered and my day spoiled, by a very unwelcome sight. Crawling along at a snails’ pace and inexplicably hogging one of the centre lanes with nothing to pass in the inside lane was one of my few absolute ‘hate cars,’ appropriately painted in a drab shade of beige; a tatty and unforgivably dull Daewoo Nubira.



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