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FEB 24th 2022

Adam Wilkins

Why is Jenson Button bringing Radford back?

Newly reborn Radford made its UK debut at the last year’s Goodwood Revival, where its 62-2 was flanked by two of Radford’s earlier creations: an Aston Martin DB5 shooting brake and two Minis, one first owned by Paul McCartney and the other by Ringo Starr. The new Lotus Exige-derived 62-2 is inspired by the Lotus Type 62 racing car from the 1960s, blending its aggressive lines with modern styling.

The company is based in California, but is headed by a trio of Brits: designer Mark Stubbs, broadcaster Ant Anstead and 2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button. Ant and Jenson were on hand throughout Revival, and between Button’s racing schedule we spent half an hour chatting about the car.


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