You could own President Donald Trump's old Ferrari F430

10th March 2017
Bob Murray

JFK had a Ford Thunderbird, Ronald Reagan a Second World War Jeep, Bill Clinton a Mustang and Barack Obama a Ford Escape Hybrid. Like the rest of us, it seems, US presidents choose personal cars on the basis that they say something about who they are. So what would Donald J Trump choose? 


We can tell you that precisely. In what some may regard as one of his more logical decisions, President Trump put his money down in 2007 on a Ferrari F430. In Rosso Corsa, he specced it up with F1 paddle-shift transmission, Scuderia crests on the wings, Daytona-style seat trim, Giallo yellow dials and carbon dash insert. 

We know all this because the former Ferrari of the current president is up for grabs. It is being sold, with an estimate of $250-350,000, in an auction in Fort Lauderdale on April the first. And it’s not a joke. This is not fake news. It is not. 

President Trump owned the 490bhp F430 for four years and drove it 2,400 miles. With just one other owner, the car today has still covered fewer than 6,000 miles. It comes with the paperwork authenticating its famous first owner of Trump Tower, Fifth Avenue, New York.


Auctions America says: “To see a former or current President’s personal vehicle offered for sale is extremely rare. It’s highly likely Donald Trump is the only United States President to ever own a Supercar.”

Perhaps, but globally the Donald is not the only member of the presidential supercar fan club. There’s the vice president of Equatorial Guinea (11 supercars including Bugatti, Ferraris and a Koenigsegg) and of course Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov whose fleet of supercars included a Lamborghini Reventon.

Mr President, it’s probably best you stick to the presidential limo…

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