Video: Has the Ferrari F430 just got even better?

14th May 2023
Simon Ostler

It was only last week that we were here talking about the best naturally-aspirated cars ever made, and one that popped up on our list was the Ferrari 458 Speciale. It was loaded with the spectacular F136 Ferrari V8 that first appeared in the car we’re talking about today: the F430.

The Ferrari F430 first went into production in 2004 and stayed on sale until 2009, sitting between the 360 and the 458 in the Ferrari V8 lineage, and the last of the naturally-aspirated Prancing Horses. The engine used in the F430 was the F136 E, a 4.3-litre 90-degree V8 producing 490PS (360kW) and 465Nm (343lb ft) of torque. The power was one thing, but the sound was out of this world. Revving to in excess of 8,500rpm, this was a V8 that sung whole heartedly, a noise that only a Ferrari could make.

Now, this particular F430 has received something of a makeover, specifically to the exhaust. It’s a unit manufactured by Capristo, and we figure that this might garner a mixed response. There’s a discernible difference with this new exhaust to the sound of that wonderous V8. You can detect a marked increase in the lower end, it’s more bassy than the standard set-up, and that does give this car an added attitude.

However, there’s an argument here that this car is already a work of art. That V8 might well be one of the best sounding ever, so how could anyone dare to tamper with it? It’s a Ferrari after all…

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Video: Has the Ferrari F430 just got even better?

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