Erin Baker: The best GTs to buy in 2018

02nd May 2018
erin_baker_headshot.jpg Erin Baker

Erin picks her nine favourite GTs of the year with some definite surprises thrown in for good measure...


Lexus LC500h

This might raise some eyebrows, because most motoring journalists have preferred the V8, but two points to know: one, the battery being the rear seats gives better weight distribution than the V8, and two, I’d rather have a silent powertrain after 300 miles than a booming V8 in my ear. 

Aston Martin DB11

The most beautiful GT currently on sale, and the start of Aston’s product revolution. Perfect styling from Marek Reichman and the choice of a V12 or V8 engine, both of which are utterly on song.

Bentley Continental GT

This third generation is a step change compared with the two than went before it. Sharper looks, the best luxury interior on the market, and four-wheel drive when it’s required. Than W12 is a flagship alright, shifting this huge beast to 60mph in well under four seconds.


Rolls-Royce Dawn

If the DB11 is the most beautiful, Rolls-Royce’s baby convertible is the most covetable. The Dawn defies categorisation really: it’s part supercar, part convertible sports car, part GT and part roadster but mainly, it’s a Rolls-Royce. If the definition of a grand tourer is being able to cover vast distances at speed, in comfort and luxury, the Rolls wins the title.

Maserati GT

The badge that began the GT revolution, back in the Fifties with the 3500 GT (and really the A6 straight-six that preceded it), produced its latest GranTurismo this year, as well as the GranCabrio. The model may be getting a little long in the tooth, but my goodness, it still looks the part for the Italian Riviera.

McLaren 570GT

This is McLaren’s attempt at going soft and lifestyle-y. The 570GT even has a glovebox, for goodness sake. McLaren is an unapologetically driver-focused brand, but the 570GT has softer (we think better) suspension than the coupe, and that fabulous side-hinged rear window to put stuff on the rear shelf.


BMW 6-Series GT

It’s an oddball choice, styling-wise, which is why we love it. Big and plush, but still with that angular BMW poise and dynamic movement, it’s an engineering triumph. It’s also longer and lower than the 5GT predecessor, giving you more space. 

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Better looking than its bog-standard Panamera sibling, and slightly more practical too, due to a wider “estate” boot opening, this is a GT for the performance specialist. But you won’t look out of place with two bikes on a rock at the back, heading for the Alps in summer.

Kia Stinger GT

Room for four big adults in comfort, big boot, and coming in at under £40,000, is the Stinger the bargain of the century? It’s the GT S 3.3-litre bi-turbo V6 you’ll be wanting. The 2.2-litre version is fine, but come on! We’re set for Vienna at lunchtime and Venice for dinner – power is required. It hasn’t even got a cheap-feeling interior, which is a first for Kia. Happy days.

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