Video: Flame-spitting Evo donuts up the Hill

16th July 2020
Ben Miles

You can never really get tired of doing donuts can you? It’s a mantra that we at GRR believe in, and one that Terry Grant absolutely lives by. He’s done so many donuts at Goodwood now that we’re just surprised he can walk straight.

In 2013 he brought his Mitsubishi Evo to the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, but this being Terry, it’s no ordinary Mitsubishi Evo. From the outside it looks to all intents and purposes – other than Terry’s lurid branding – like an unaltered Mitsubishi Evo VII. But then you hear it in action, and realise it’s anything but. This thing is set up to split some serious flames, and it sounds pretty annoyed about that. The best way we can think to describe this particular Evo is that it grumbles its way up the Hill. The car really doesn’t seem to like being off throttle, much preferring to be thrashed into a series of donuts.

To be honest, we’re not complaining.

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Video: Flame-spitting Evo donuts up the Hill

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