Video: Mad Mike's 1,200bhp rotary rampage

15th July 2020
Ben Miles

Mad Mike, a rotary Mazda, and the Hill at Goodwood House. It’s a pretty perfect combination as far as we’re concerned. And of all the cars Mike has brought to Goodwood over the years, his bonkers MX-5 RADBUL might be our favourite.

This little sportscar has had it’s normal 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine removed (the one with about 150PS) and in its place a twin-turbo, four-rotor engine has been squeezed – this one produced around 1,200PS.

All combined it’s just bonkers, but then you facter in the fact that the exhaust is about four inches long and just belches flames out from underneath the little Mazda and that it’s got a massive rear wing, and it becomes just plain awesome. Mike has shown off some incredible machines at Goodwood and shows us just how much of a master of car control he is, but his runs at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard in 2017, with the RADBUL, may well have been his best ever.

It just makes us wonder what he’s got planned next?

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