Video: Stunning V12 Aston Martin DBRS9 at Goodwood

21st May 2020
Seán Ward

We will always like the DB9. We will always like the DBR9. It stands to reason, then, that we like the DBRS9, too? Oh yes. Absolutely.

The DBRS9 was the sort-of in-between model below the Le Mans-winning DBR9 and above the road-going DB9. It had a raucous 6.0-litre V12 with 558PS, down on power compared to the DBR9, but still with carbon-fibre body panels, a full race-spec roll cage and fire-extinguisher system, and a completely stripped interior. It was a weapon, essentially, and a big selling point was its price, as a DBRS9 would set you back around £175,000, several hundred thousand pounds less than the GT1 DBR9. Imagine buying a DB11-based racer today for less than the price of a DBS Superleggera?

The DBRS9 you see here visited the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard in 2015, driven by Mark Farmer and Tom Alexander. It first turned a wheel a full decade earlier, before being driven in European FIA GT3 and the British GT Championships by Alexander and one Mr Tiff Needell…

Five years on from its trip to the Festival and 15 years after it first race, it still looks and sounds absolutely epic. Now what can we sell to buy one…

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