Video: 2023 Settrington Cup Part 1 full race | Goodwood Revival

09th September 2023
Adam Wilkins

The biggest grid of the Goodwood Revival weekend is always filled to capacity... and it can always be relied upon to offer close racing. It’s also unlike any other fixture at Goodwood because horsepower is replaced by pedal power, and the drivers can’t be more than ten years old. In every other respect, though, this is pure Revival. Welcome to one of the most popular races of the weekend – the Settrington Cup. 

The cars – pedal-powered Austin J40s – are all built in the correct era and the competition is gritty and hard fought. Most of the competitors are the children of those competing in other races throughout the weekend, so there are many familiar surnames on the lengthy entry list.

The four to ten-year-olds line up trackside on the start/finish straight for a Le Mans style start before putting both feet down for some frantic pedalling. The 246-yard race incorporates a chicane which, as you’ll see in this full-race video, caused one pile-up while many other racers cut it completely. Surely grounds for disqualification?

In Part 1, Rafe Burnett pulled out a decisive lead but perhaps burned himself out too soon. Austin Buncombe saw his opportunity, closed the gap and made the pass to take the chequered flag. Race 2 was a more decisive affair, as Josh Johnston took an early lead and never looked back, eventually winning by more than ten seconds ahead of Francis Fisken.

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