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Threads of Time

1950s saloons battle at the 2023 Revival | St. Mary’s Trophy

Part 1 of the St. Mary’s Trophy presented by Motul delivered what was perhaps some of the best racing we’ve seen all weekend. And that’s really saying something. Such was the quality of the battle between Jimmie Johnson in the Austin A40 and Jenson Button in the Alfa Romeo.

But come Part 2, all eyes were on Fred Shepherd and whether he would bring the big T-bird home and do the double. While he was quick, nothing is ever that simple. He’d have the slippery Jaguar Mk1s of Chris Ward and Thomas Butterfield to defend against, which while they weren’t as fast, could cut a cleaner, faster line through the corners.

In the end, Fred did his dad proud and extended ahead by five seconds from ward, to take the win. Part 1 was just supernaturally good, so when you’re done catching up with the results of race 2, go back and re-familiarise.


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