MAR 17th 2016

Gallery: #74MM – The Early Arrivers

Here follows the first batch of arrivals before the high-octane antics of the 74th Goodwood Members Meeting. The eclectic panel beaten aluminium trickle has progressed into a veritable stream as a few contenders for the Alan Mann Trophy have shown face. Numbers 16, 23, 24 and 15 are just a smattering of the jaw-slackening GT40s that will be competing and are as captivating as the day they took the 1-2-3 at Le Mans almost fifty years ago.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

The Lotus 80 takes pride of place prior to its outing in the Ground Effects Demo. One of the more dedicated ground effects cars, the 80 takes the concept of aero skirting to the extreme, equipping them almost from end to end. The car essentially becomes one giant wing.

One of the glorious Ferrari 512S sportscars in a beautiful Giallo hue has also reared its shapely snout. It will be joining a selection of Porsche 917s, Lola T70s and a lonely but no less formidable McLaren-Chevrolet We can’t wait to see these animals tyre to tyre.

74MM Early Arrivers

We won’t go through everything. After all, the more you read, the less you get to look at them in the handy gallery above. Drink it all in as the final and arguably most important pieces of 74MM fall into place.

Remember, if you didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticket for the 74th Members’ Meeting you can watch the whole event with our live stream.

Photography by Pete Summers and Tom Shaxson

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