Video: 2024 Surtees Trophy full race | 81MM

15th April 2024
Adam Wilkins

A grid full of early 1960s sports-racing prototypes forms the Surtees Trophy, with a orchestra of V8s providing the soundtrack. Eligible cars raced from 1960 to 1964, an era that evokes memories of Surtees, the only person to have won world championships on two wheels and four. It made for one of the most memorable races of the 81st Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport.

The three-car front row was made up of one McLaren M1B (John Spiers) and two Chevron Bs (Andrew Kirkaldy and Ben Mitchell). In their wake was a host of machines including Lola, Cooper, Ford and Chinook.

When the flag dropped, it appeared that Kirkaldy had got off the line best but it turned out to be a jump start. Even so, his advantage of the road looked impressive but it was gradually eaten away.

Alex Brundle battled his Ford GT40 from tenth on the grid into contention. His efforts culminated in a sideways and side-by-side battle with Kirkaldy that needs to be seen to be believed. Both drivers were utterly unrelenting. Offs by James Bellinger (Cooper Monaco King Cobra) and Spiers affected the end result, as did Brundle’s unfortunate mechanical retirement.

Kirkaldy crossed the line first on the road, but the 10-second penalty for his jumped start pushed him off the podium to fourth, meaning that the victory went to Ben Mitchell. The latter was unaware that he was leading the race until he saw a ‘P1’ pit board at the start of the final lap. It was at that point he eased up on trying to gain the position on the road to decrease the chances of a race-losing incident for both Chevron drivers. The podium was completed by Spiers (who posted the fastest lap of the entire weekend with 1 minute 18.678 seconds) and Ian Simmonds (Lola T70 Spyder).

You can relive the entire 2024 Surtees Trophy with this full race video. Enjoy!

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