Video: Count the overtakes as this 3.0-litre Ford Capri battles Camaros, Escorts and more Capris

27th February 2017
Ethan Jupp

You can always rely on the Gerry Marshall Trophy at Members’ Meeting to serve up some honest to goodness, noisy, sideways, paint-trading action in cars that look like they’d be at home on your dad’s driveway in the late ‘80s. 

What car is more befitting of that “Dad’s weekend wheels” image than one of the most iconic coupes of the last forty years: The 3.0-litre Ford Capri? We can safely say based on the video above, little else sounds as good either.

Then again it would sound good when it’s being driven at the absolute edge with unwavering commitment. Just count the overtakes! Car after car after car, as the sonorous Ford sails (often sideways!) around Goodwood. There's no denying the skill required either. The inputs needed to keep this thing on the straight and narrow aren't exactly subtle! More of this at 75MM, please and thank you! 

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