MAR 22nd 2016

Video: Hailwood Trophy Highlights

It’s not often that two wheeled action is brought to the Goodwood Motor Circuit, but at the 74th Members’ Meeting we held a spectacular battle featuring late ’70s and early ’80s two-stroke race bikes. The Hailwood Trophy sees the likes of Yamaha TZGs and T2350Gs on full squeeze getting a good lean on.


Ian Simpson absolutely dominated the field, finishing a full five seconds ahead of Richard Parker who was over five seconds ahead of Dean Stimpson. The leading pack of four were a full ten seconds ahead come the end. One huge advantage of having these slimline two-wheeled machines taking to the circuit is that the racing can become more aggressive and highly entertaining. With more room to move about, riders get side-by-side and test each others nerve.

It makes for breathtaking viewing and the noise and fumes are intoxicating. If you weren’t here to catch them, or didn’t watch on the 74th Members’ Meeting live stream, you can catch the highlights in the video above.

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