MAR 17th 2016

Video: 'Heavy Metal' Racing – Jaguar v Zephyr v Nash Metropolitan

If any kind of sport could be described as ‘heavy metal’ then it must be the 73rd Members’ Meeting‘s Sopwith cup, a race for 1950s saloons. They may not have been the fastest cars taking to the track at 73MM but that didn’t stop them putting on a show.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

The race included an incredible variety of cars, with everything battling from an Austin A40 up to the huge Jaguars and back to the awesome Nash Metropolitan we’ve met before.

In this highlight you’ll find the battle at the head of the field raging, as the little Austin attempts to make its getaway while three Jags are held up by the Ford Zephyr MkII, allowing behind them the little Nash Metropolitan to catch up.

If you want to see more action like this, don’t forget to tune in to Goodwood Road and Racing‘s full live stream this weekend, and you won’t miss a moment of #74MM.

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