JAN 19th 2016

Video: Shocking Moment Lotus Catches Fire at 73MM

You don’t need us to tell you that motor racing action doesn’t get any hotter than at Goodwood. But perhaps this video from the 73rd Members’ Meeting will assure you that our events are, ahem, flaming good.

Edwardian SF Edge promo

Here we have a short clip from the Les Leston Cup for classic British sportscars. The #41 Lotus Elite of John Hugenholtz is looking good for a top-six finish with just over two minutes to go.

However this was the moment that disaster struck, and spectators (and commentators) looked on in astonishment as the little red Lotus kept motoring down the Lavant Straight despite clearly belching flames from the rear and smoke into the cockpit.

Les Leston Lotus Elite Fire 73MM

Thankfully Hugenholtz was able to bring his chariot of fire to a halt at the side of the track and escape before he became part of the bonfire, the little Lotus though was not quite so lucky, leaving with a very scorched rear end.

Spectacular action is exactly what you should expect at the 74th Members’ Meeting in a couple of months, although hopefully not quite so hot, and if you want to see the full Les Leston Cup from 73MM you can find it here.

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