Video: Brutal onboard sounds of a 1992 F1 car

14th November 2022
Simon Ostler

Formula 1 cars of the early 1990s were brutal things. The end of the turbo era ushered in a new age of hugely powerful naturally aspirated engines revving to well beyond 10,000rpm, heralding a new era accompanied by the most iconic sound in motorsport.

But in 1992, we were still some way away from the computer-driven technology hubs the cars are today. The pedals were connected to their functions mechanically, rather than through sensors and electrical systems, and the gears were changed with a stick.

Riding onboard with a car from this era, the Benetton B192 in this case, in the hands of Michael Schumacher and Martin Brundle, it’s astonishing to see and hear just how raw these cars were. The gear shifts are so visceral, the revs rise and fall in jolts that you just know would kick you in the back if you were in the cockpit. And then there’s the engine sound itself, which is violently raw. It just sounds angry.

Something else that was pretty raw in the early ‘90s is of course the onboard cameras themselves. These were extremely early examples of the technology in action. But to be honest, the gravelly footage perfectly complements the car it's mounted on.

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Image courtesy of Motorsport Images.

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