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OPINION: Why F1 can and should bring back V10s for 2030

Video: Leclerc drives Lauda's F1 Ferrari at Monaco

Charles Leclerc is a lucky man. Well, maybe luck isn’t the right word, because he’s put in an awful lot of work to become a Ferrari Formula 1 driver. But is there a better word to use when you’re strapped into Niki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari 312T F1 car on your weekend off? I’m not sure there is.

Leclerc wasn’t interested in parading around slowly, he was hustling this gorgeous V12 legend almost immediately. The location? The streets of Monaco, his home track. To make things even more surreal, likely both for him and for us, was that he was joined on track by Jacky Ickx in his 1972 Ferrari 312B3. This is the kind of content we could watch all day.


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