Video: Netflix releases trailer for Schumacher documentary

24th August 2021
Ben Miles

“100 per cent perfection, I couldn’t live with anything lower” opens the trailer for the new Netflix documentary about Michael Schumacher. Words spoken by the seven-time World Champion have seldom described his career better.

The documentary, which will be released globally on the streaming platform on 15th September, is the only one ever to have been created with the full support of Schumacher’s family and includes rare home videos, interviews and unseen footage of the F1 legend.

The trailer features Schumacher’s wife and children, including current F1 driver Mick, and showcases some of the archive footage made available to the production, including footage of Michael karting and winning races as a junior.

Other interviewees seen in the trailer include four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel – the only other German to win a Formula 1 crown – and former commentator James Allen, who has himself written a book about Schumacher’s career. Will you be watching the documentary next month?

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