Video: Onboard the moment Rosberg and Hamilton’s relationship began to unravel

20th March 2020
Seán Ward

As there’s no Bahrain F1 Grand Prix this weekend, we thought it would be rude not to try and support you with some kind of Formula 1 action from the desert island of Bahrain. There have been some tasty battles in Bahrain since it joined the F1 circus in 2004, but none more enjoyable than the one between then one-time F1 champ Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

While the two had been team-mates in the lower formulas, and team-mates in F1 at Mercedes since the start of 2013, 2014 was when Mercedes jumped from the mid-field to the top of the pack. It quickly became apparent that a first championship for Rosberg or a second for Hamilton was on the table, and from the Bahrain Grand Prix onwards the fight intensified. Rosberg has since put this fight, under the bright lights in Bahrain, as the race that marked the beginning of the end of their relationship, even though they were hugging, joking and laughing with each other post-race.

So sit back and enjoy the duel, and an old-fashioned, pre-halo F1 cockpit.

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Video: Onboard the moment Rosberg and Hamilton’s relationship began to unravel

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