OCT 15th 2014

Video: Steve Soper tames Ford Capri RS 'Cologne'

When we spoke to the JD Classics crew at FoS about the RS ‘Cologne’ Capri, they described it as the car that drivers most want to get their hands on. From a company with the depth and variety of machinery as theirs that’s saying something.

Watching (and hearing!) ace Touring Car driver Steve Soper hustle the Capri around Donington’s famous undulating curves though it’s easy to see why. That screaming Cosworth GAA which drew such a big crowd when it was started up at FoS is the stuff that dreams are made of. Add the fact that it’s fitted into that evocative wide-bodied Mk1 Capri and we’re looking at a piece of blue-oval motoring heaven.

It’s interesting to note the contrasting job of pedaling the Capri compared to the C-Type Jaguar we looked at earlier today. Watching Soper’s gentle, measured steering inputs compared to the amount of energetic wheel-twirling required of Alex Buncombe in the Jag shows just how far steering technology had come in two decades. That and the equal developments in tyres and suspension explains why piloting the Ford looks like slightly less-taxing work.

Mind you, look closely and it’s clear that Mr Soper is getting a proper move-on!

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