JUL 31st 2014

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: AC Cobra Willment Ghia 427

How cool is this? In a section of Silverstone’s infield area crammed with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and hundreds of appreciative race-goers, the Willment Ghia truly stood out. People seemed captivated by it.

Apparently the Savonuzzi-designed/Ghia-built body was originally fitted to a Fiat  8V chassis and was found discarded by John Willment himself, who had a 427 Ford V8 fitted breathing through two ‘double pumper’ (non-progressive) carburettors. This all sounds like enormous fun, but surprisingly he lost interest in the project before it was completed and sold it on.

Since then it has passed through a few several hands, and the current owner brought it to FoS in 2010, although sadly we weren’t able to hang around at Silverstone long enough for any updates to the car’s story. Still marvellous to see it though, especially as – according to our esteemed comps department – there’s only one similar car in existence, and that’s in the ‘States.

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