Video: Incredible turbo F1 Silverstone POV

03rd June 2024
Ethan Jupp

Fans of motorsport crave immersion like few others. You don’t see football fans wanting to be on the pitch with the players when they play. But when it comes to racing, the closer the better. The more we can hear, feel, and even smell the cars, the better. While we’re not bringing smellovision to you today, we do have a truly visceral first-person view of what it’s like to drive an 800PS (588kW) turbo F1 car from the 1980s around Silverstone.

The view is basically what driver Alex Brundle sees ahead of him, even down to the haze of his helmet’s visor, as he pilots Teo Fabi’s Toleman-Hart T185. Alex’s father Martin Brundle will have battled against this car in the 1985 F1 season aboard his Tyrrell. 

The noises, the roar of the wind, and vibrations of the car are overwhelming as they come through the camera and its microphone with remarkable viscerality. Of course, that’s how it seems to the average person with no experience of racing cars. For Brundle Jr. it’s another day at the office. So yes, he quickly gets the Toleman up to speed around Silverstone, rowing through the gears and building pace as the tyres begin to warm up.

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Video: Incredible turbo F1 Silverstone POV

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