Video: Mighty Minis battle at Silverstone

03rd July 2024
Rachel Roberts
Silverstone has played host to many a hard-fought race over the years, and as we gear up for the British Grand Prix on Sunday, we’ve been enjoying action from one of the latest it’s hosted. Coming courtesy of the Mighty Minis Championship race at the circuit back in May, today’s video showcases the exploits of driver Sam Slater as he races his classic Mini around a classic British track.

Silverstone was the second round of the Mighty Mini Championships’ 2024 calendar, which sees fans of the classic Mini push their beloved vehicles to their limits around British tracks throughout the year. The Mighty Mini Championship has been running since the 1990s offering affordable, classic Mini circuit racing, and you’ll find exactly that in this video.

Slater is a three-time British Indoor Karting champion, and you can see his experience come into play. Having started at the back of the grid after qualifying in 13th, he had to adjust the rear suspension to have better overall control of the oversteer he was faced with. Of course, the real appeal here is on-track battles and there are plenty of those here, with Slater’s rear end and side getting – in his words, “slammed.” Feisty stuff, and you can see it all with three camera views on the screen simultaneously capturing the action from all around. This race certainly lives up to its billing – these Minis sure are mighty.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: The madness of Can-Am at Laguna Seca


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