MAR 10th 2015

Video: V12 Lamborghini F1 heaven, with a manual gearbox!

Lamborghini’s efforts in Formula One as an engine supplier didn’t exactly result in an open-topped parade around the streets of Sant’ Agata. In fact, despite the 1991 Modena F1 car effectively being a Lamborghini ‘works’ effort, the firm was reluctant to brand the whole car as such should the venture go wrong and reflect badly upon the supercar builder. It was, respectfully, a good move.

This footage is from the season before where the Lambo V12 was fitted into Eric Broadley’s Lola chassis. Ex-Ferrari engine man Mauro Forghieri had designed the screaming V12 and as usual Lola had produced a car which was by all accounts one of the best handling chassis in the paddock. Sadly, said Lamborghini V12 was beset with reliability woes and the Lola-Lamborghini harvested just a solitary podium finish at the Suzuka round.


Frenchman Eric Bernard is piloting the car in this clip, which is less about front-running pace and more about the unbridled joy of listening to a Lamborghini V12-engined Grand Prix car with a manual gearbox. The circuit is the rapid Paul Ricard facility in the South of France, and even though the car was lacking too much performance to be in with a chance of big points, we reckon that with the sound of that engine and the satisfaction of selecting the ratios by way of a gear lever that Monsieur Bernard is having an absolute ball.

Oh, that noise … Does it get much better than that?


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