MAY 22nd 2015

Cars That Rock Spa Classic: Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ


There can be a number of reasons why we pick a particular car for the ‘Cars That Rock…’ treatment, and in the case of this pretty little Alfa Romeo it was the colour. Lined-up in a long row of predominantly red Italian machinery, we found ourselves drawn to its unusual hue.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

‘It’s called Giallo Verde!’ exclaims its owner, Carlo Vogele. That’ll be ‘yellow green’ then. Unusual, but we think it suits the car rather well. It turns out that it was delivered new to South Africa and stayed there for a long time before finding its way to the UK. When it arrived it had been painted in the usual Rosso Corsa, although Carlo points out that the previous owner ‘had the good taste to return it to the original colour.’

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

Apparently this is a very original car which appears not to have been raced much at all in the past, although Carlo’s son has enjoyed some encouraging outings in it of late. ‘At Vallelunga he qualified second in a grid which included Ferrari 275s‘ he proudly tells us. ‘It’s a great handling, very light car with superb brakes. Not difficult to drive.’

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

And is it a ‘keeper’? ‘Oh yes’ he beams. ‘In fact, I’m looking out for another one for my other son to race!’ Looks like we might have a couple of candidates to take over the driving duties one day of their father’s 330GTO. Hope they remember to share it …

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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