MAY 08th 2015

Firing On... FOUR! The Incredible Nike Imp

During the ’80s, McLaren F1 engineer Ken Nicholls took the space frame from a Hillman Imp, crafted some exaggerated bodywork with the same silhouette as the original car and threw in an 1100 Honda Blackbird engine. He then dubbed it the Nike Imp, presumably with a nod to the ancient Greek goddess of victory and not the trainers.

With 162bhp, and weighing a mere 480kgs, this barmy looking yellow machine is pretty swift. Current owner Kevin Cooper was getting acquainted with the car at the GRRC Spring Sprint and reported it to be ‘very quick off the line’, though he confessed that the car might need some customising. ‘It may need a suspension upgrade,’ he said. ‘The previous owner was only about 9 stone, whereas I’m probably nearer 17, so it was leaning into the corners a little!’

Kevin aims to take the car to some CSCC Special Saloon races and do a few more sprints, but one thing we’re sure of is that wherever it goes, it will certainly turn a few heads.

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